Kahuna Massage Chair Space Saving Zero Gravity Full Body Recliner LM-6800S Brown

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Say you got a massage twice a week at $30 per massage, that's $240 per month. With our financing, your massage chair could cost as little as {field financing_price} per month.

Are you wondering how many times a day you can have massage? It's not limited, but you can overdo it. It is recommended to have massage on massage armchair twice a day from 15 to 20 minutes. It's enough to relieve the tension and take care of your frame of mind.

The Kahuna LM-6800S Massage Chair warranty provides 3 years of coverage. During the warranty period, you will have defective products repaired or replaced at free of charge.

Space-Saving, Zero-Gravity Full-body L-Track Kahuna Massage Chair with heating therapy – LM-6800S

LM-6800S has all new 12 Auto programs to enjoy and added many new features such as custom saving memory option, adjustable shoulder pad, acupoint nodes on the arm and end position change button and much more. LM-6800S was initiated and created by customers user experience and we have finally the most user friendly and affordable massage chair in the market.

Shiatsu techniques include massages with fingers, thumbs, and palms to assisted stretching and joint manipulation and mobilization. LM-6800S performs various techniques such as kneading, tapping, tapping+keading, shiatsu, and rolling. LM-6800S automatic massage programs based on shiatsu therapy to give user full massage experience. LM-6800S air-cell system is located in shoulders, arms, waist, allows 3D stereoscopic massage with three zero gravity positions.

LM-6800S New Features

New 12 Auto programs to enjoy – 4 Basic Daily Programs, 4 Stretching Programs, 4 Elite Programs. New remote design with back light.

  • Custom Memory Saving function to save your own massage programs you desire.
  • Shoulder airbag adjustable for different height, New end position change button to change the recliner position after massage is done.
  • Acupressure points on the arm to amplify the massage effect, New headrest design that can be used as back padding
  • 5 Levels of speed of roller, 5 levels of air pressure, Premium Bluetooth speakers with heating therapy
  • Footer Area has dual foot rollers and detachable & washable footer area cotton for sanitary purpose. Top recommended massage chair on amazon with customer reviews. FDA Registered as medical Device.

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Space-Saving Zero-Gravity L-Track Full-Body Massage chair / Recliner with Bluetooth speakers LM-6800S


  • LM-6800S is specially designed L-track frame structure massage chair with 4 rollers along with air-cell massage system that effectively massages your shoulders, arms, waist, and hips. L-track system is a shape of roller trail designed to supports to your neck to back and all the way to buttocks and this position decompresses each individual spine of your body and increases the effects of massage.
  • Ergonomically designed side arm panel with acupoint nodes.
  • Total 3 years of limited service coverage (1 years of part and labor)
  • 3 stages of true zero gravity positions.
  • Space saving technology only requires 3 inches during the transition to zero gravity positions.
  • Massage Chair scans body size automatically, and you can now enjoy a custom fit body massage.
  • Uniquely designed air cell massage system can cover most of the surface area with a minimal number of air cells. It ultimately brings up the massage quality and performs quieter. The Air cells are programmed to inflate separately which causes the body to twist and deep stretch.
  • Included extra foot padding and remote holders for convenience.
  • Premium Bluetooth speakers





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1 review for Kahuna Massage Chair Space Saving Zero Gravity Full Body Recliner LM-6800S Brown

  1. mike

    Best chair ever!

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The Kahuna LM-6800S Massage Chair can perform the following massage types: Compression, Finger, Kneading, Knocking, Pressure, Rolling, Tapping

The Kahuna LM-6800S Massage Chair features Auto Programs, Bluetooth Speakers, Heated, L-Track, Reclining, Zero Gravity

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